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For years now I have been placing flowers on the graves of my loved ones.  Right after the death of my son it was not always easy to come up with the money to make arrangements and sometimes it just hurt so badly I could not bear to go to the cemetery.  Since then I have lost my father, then my step-father and later my mother.  It’s hard to understand how important placing those flowers can be until you have lost someone.  Though they have gone…the love is still there.  You can’t bake their favorite pie, buy them a lovely present to unwrap or send them the perfect card that will make them tear up just the way it did you when you so carefully picked it out.  So you place flowers on their grave as a reminder to them, to others and because that is the only thing you can do for them.

My name is Debbie Nostrand; wife, retired nurse, daughter and once a mother to a very special little boy.  I have noticed so many empty vases in the cemetery now.  I wonder if perhaps the family lives out of town, maybe a spouse can’t get there anymore…..or maybe sometimes it just hurts so badly to make that visit.  I had an idea.  I enjoy making silk flower arrangements, so…  I will make your silk cemetery arrangement and deliver it for you here in the Rock Hill area.

The prices range from $35.00 to $50.00 and that includes delivery to the cemeteries.  Of course, you may order as needed but I have also developed a yearly contract to ensure flowers are placed on your loved one’s grave.  With this contract you can make low monthly payments if needed.  Once the flowers are placed on the grave a photo will be sent to you by e-mail or regular postal mail.

My phone number is 803-323-7607. Samples of the arrangements are displayed at Gaulden Monuments, Inc., 1124 Saluda Street, Rock Hill.



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